AncestryDNA genealogy DNA test provides a safe and easy way to test people’s DNA from their homes. Simply purchase the test kid and Ancestry will send you a do-it-yourself DNA kit.  Simply follow the instruction.  And spit into the test tube up to the line indicator.  Once there is enough saliva in the container.  Pack up the sample, seal it and mail it back with the prepaid shipping container.

What is the benefit of the Ancestrydna test?

The main benefit is to find out where you came from?  Your heritage mapping is embedded in the 23 chromosomes. The simple test will tell you your ethnic origin. It is based on an accurate scientific foundation.  It is extremely precise.  It accurately tests people’s ethnicity and will also help find family history.   Combine with Ancestry’s huge family database they can connect you to relatives you never knew you had.  All this for under $100.  The alternative is to conduct a free family member search with whowhere white pages.

The DNA Test Kit


Ancestry DNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritageDNA use two forms of  DNA heritage test kits.  There is the spit and the swab.   Both test the same form of DNA, 23 chromosomes found you people’s saliva.  Which can trace human migrations thought-out history.  Scientists use these special chromosomes to trace the path by which humans move around the world.  And the find where every human on earth comes from.

The spit technique is simple.  Spit into the test tube until it fills up to a line.  Do not worry, there is a funnel so you don’t have to be an accurate spitter.  But it does require a large amount of saliva.  The second method is the cheek swab.  With a sampling, swab includes in the test kit.  People have to scrap inside of both cheeks.  It is recommended people swab for about 40-60 seconds.  Both test methods are easy and extremely accurate. It is a matter of preference which one people prefer.

Where did I come from?

Scientists have traced back human origin to one common ancestry. Because these tests have been proven in the scientific community, people can be sure of their results.  And if we trace back people’s origin far enough.  We will find we all have a common ancestry.